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Activities Buso-Birka project

School for unemployed people

Within the Buso-Birka project in ABF Busovača, unemployed people can learn how to be actively involved into social activities, how to find job easier and how to enrich their life standards. In order to accomplish all of these goals, ABF has hired a team of experts who know how to teach participants of the School and who can share their knowledge and experience with these people. A quality cooperation with the Unemployed persons office is responsible for the good results achieved. It is worth mentioning that the 4th generation of this school has began the educational program on the 3rd of October 2016. There are many participants from municipalities other than Busovača, such as Kiseljak and Zenica.


Some of the circles that should help people get a job faster are: foreign languages circles, computer technology circles, hand crafting, health care, sewing and tailoring circle, circles about EU, democracy, human rights, ecology as well as the basics of economy. In order to show some details about these circles, here are some information about some of them, including the concept of educational part, and what participants do during the circles;


Hand crafting

In this circle, participants are beginning with the basics of knitting after which come harder exercises like doing a Poentles. All of the participants can take their samples home, in order to practice. Furthermore, the participants practice doing the embroidery, which basically means transmitting the pattern from picture onto a fabric. They also practice all the kinds of doing embroidery. After the practical part is done, the participants start making a crochet flower. The total number of participants is six. Classes are held three times a week, and the leader is Dženana Bešlić.


Sewing and tailoring circle

At the beginning of this circle the participants do the following exercises: get familiar with the sewing machine, handle the fabric, get familiar with the pattern, tailor the first pillow case and finish the first work (pillow case)

During the 2nd cycle, the participants do the following:

-finalizing the first pillow case

-making button holes on the pillow case

-getting familiar with the embroidery pattern at the machine

-the pillow embroidery

-making the pillow pattern on their own, with the leader monitoring them

-checking if the seams are straight

The team leader, Zora Jurešić


Circles: EU, democracy with human rights and ecology

At the beginning of these lectures, participants get to listen about the EU. After going through the basics of the EU, they learn about basic principles of the Union, its formation, development and expansion, as well as the functioning of the Schengen and Euro zone. They learn about the first member countries of the EU, also their founding countries, and furthermore, the participants are lectured about other countries of the Union, basics of democracy and human rights, as well as ecology. There is a high level of interest for this circle among participants, which can be seen through their attendance. Circles are led three times a week, and the leader is history and geography teacher, Milena Krišto.


Health care

The first part of this circle contains lectures about health and illness, in terms of basic definitions, anatomy and physiology, as well as physiological and pathological changes as we grow old. The second part is about Protection at work and first aid. The comments are good, the group is active.

The leader is dr.Helena Pušić


Basics of economy

At the beginning of these lectures, leaders get to know with the participants (groups 1 and 2), their expectations concerning the basics of economy and the leaders also present the lectures that will be covered during the circle. In the introductory part, economy is explained through the practical examples of everyday life, its importance and the basic terminology for this circle, such as: market, competition, money etc. This introductory part ends with lectures about banks, credit cards and the importance of protecting these. After the lectures are covered, the participants do a test.

In October, this group was visited by dear friends from Sweden, Margareta, Lars and Camila. Group 1 had them as their guests, and they all discussed about the economy and its part in a country.

The leader of this circle is Silvija Vujica, economist

English language

At the beginning of October, one group started with this circle, scheduled on Fridays, from 13-15:15.

Topics were taken from 1st and 2nd part of New Opportunities book, which were related to friendship (Module 1-Friends) and personalities (Module 2-Personalities). Besides the grammar, the participants talked about their own experiences concerning the topics. In the following period of time, there will be done a brief test in which the participants will show their understanding of topics learned.

Participants are enthusiastic, which is shown in their attendance sheets, their homework’s etc…

The circle leader is Violeta Relota, English language and literature prof.


German language

After 32 previously held lessons, the participants are now able to manage the vocabulary, make conversations, give personal data in a resume, write easier paragraphs and they overcame some main parts of grammar, too.

During the following period of time, the participants will keep practicing written and spoken grammar, and in January 2017 they will start working with the book Schritte A1/2.

Most of the group participants never learned German before, however in the short period of time, some participants have had great results, have shown interest by their presence, being actively involved, wanting to progress, etc.

Circle leader, Susanne Marić, German and Croatian language and literature prof.


IT circle

From September to December, there were three groups of IT participants.

Mostly youth attend this circle; youth who use the computer and internet on an everyday basis. There are a few beginners in this group, of course, who are not so skilled using computers. The challenge is to make lectures interesting for both, the beginners and the ones who use their computers every day. However, our lecturers are able to overcome any challenge, and make our participants satisfied.

Topics done during this period were:

OS Windows-basics of computer works; basic parts and components of the computer, Desktop, Setting the parameters, Data organizing, Folder managing, options like copy, cut, paste, NotePad,WordPad, Paint…etc as well as creating the greeting cards for holidays.

Also, MS Word-basic parts and components of Word app, Text editing



The new generation participants of school for unemployed people are mostly young persons, the ones who just graduated from high school. Their participation in this program confirms their aim to learn more and broaden their knowledge, as well as their wish to get a job sooner. One step towards finding a job is a certificate each participant gets after finishing the program. The participants claim to be happy to have a center like this, and to have an opportunity to get to know other young people, to make contacts and exchange experiences. They prefer the way ABF teaches, because it is not as strict as the school and therefore it is easier for them to adopt new materials.

Leaders are Nermana Deljkić and Ajdin Pugonja, IT technicians


Also many participants of our program contacted us with the information that they have found jobs easier with the help of this project. This is a very valuable data for us, for the future of our project, because it shows that our effort is appreciated and the results are visible. Of course, without the good will and faith every step can be hard, but when we acquire knowledge and skills, no door stays shut.