Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

ABF activities for July, August and September, 2015

Summer vacation time influenced the lower number of study circles done in ABF center. DSC_3907Still, ABF organized some circles in different topics for those interested. The highest number of summer circles were organized for learning German language.

In July, 27 participants have successfully finished the German language circle, levels 1 and 2, and the participants were all adults.

In August, a group of 11 participants ended their first level of German language, and in September, 7 more participants ended the third level, German language as well.

Also, creative workshops for children aged 3-6 in English language, second module were organized. These workshops were visited by 20 children, separated into two groups.

Besides these, ABF organized an English language circle for children in primary school, grade 4-9.

The total number of participants in ABF during these three months is 75, of which 30 children and 45 adults of different gender and occupation.

Other activities

On the 3rd of July, 2015, ABF celebrated its 11th anniversary.

ABF congratulated the anniversary to all the citizens, participants, members, member organizations, funders, circle leaders and co-workers. A local television, KISS TV made a report on the work of ABF and it was broadcasted during their daily program scheme.

All of the information on the work of ABF in the past period were gathered into a report that was handed to the municipality office, where it and other similar organizations will be discussed about.

DSC_3898 On the 5th of August, ABF announced the beginning of the school for  unemployed that will be organized for all the persons registered at the Office  for unemployed persons. ABF team held work meetings with the third  generation participants of the school for unemployed, on the 21st and 26th of  September. At these meetings, the grouping was discussed, as well as the time  and date of the start.

This year, the school start was scheduled for 28th of September. 40  unemployed persons, of which 36 women and 4 men, both Bosnians and  Croats applied for the school.