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ABF activities in November and December, 2015

The last two months of the year 2015 were very busy with all the activities at the ABF center.  There was a slightly greater interest shown for German language circle, as well as for the circle of English language for children age between 3 and 6. Both, the children-participants and their parents are very pleased with the outcomes of this English circle, for it is a unique opportunity in our town for children to learn and have fun at the same time and place; the most important part of this circle is that children can hang around children their age, which makes them happy.

Everyday activities during the last two months of 2015:

  • one study circle in English language for participants from 5th to 9th grade – 7 participants
  • two study circles in English language, level 3, for children age 3-6 – 16 participants
  • four study circles in German language – 47 participants. Three groups finished the 1st level, one group finished the 3rd level – all of the participants were adults

abf skola engleskog jezika

Buso-Birka activities

The participants involved into Buso-Birka school for unemployed people have finished their education on 19th Dec 2015. This was also the day an evaluation took place; participants evaluated the first part of the project, and ABF evaluated the work of participants. There was a party thrown for both participants and their circle leaders, with New Year’s presents for all of them.

ABF celebrated a successful work year on 29th Dec 2015, also with a New Year’s party for all the circle leaders, Board members and member organizations in ABF center Busovača.

abf informatika testiranje