Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

ABF Activities report for August, September and October, 2016.

ABF center Busovača organized a lot of different activities, just like in an earlier period of time.

Activity that marked the previous period of time was mini school of English language, that continues it’s work, which arises interests among our citizens, parents of children who learn English with us. Therefore, in the previous months there were three study circles done in English language, attended by 36 participants age between 3 and 6.

Other activities of ABF center:

  • One study circle of English language was held for grownups, attended by 10 participants, all of them passed the level one.
  • -The extremely popular study circle of German language; two circles were ended in the past months, and 24 participants passed the first level.
  • -Also, the beginners level of sewing and tailoring was held, attended by 7 participants, all of them passed the circle.


To resume all of the ABF’s work for the past few months, there were seven circles held, attended by 77 participants of different age and profession. All of the participants got their certificates at the end of educational period.

Also, each of the groups continues with the education.


Buso-Birka project

School for unemployed persons

The most important news concerning the School for unemployed persons is the extension of the deadline for applications for people who are unemployed. Cooperating with the Office for unemployed persons, ABF organized a presentation of the project for these people, and also arranged, together with course leaders, the details about the literature, testing and absence of participants, too. They have also discussed the contracts and grouping issues.za-web-2

Together with participants, the timing for an education was set, so on the 3rd of October, the fourth generation of school participants began their educational process. At the very beginning, the time schedule was organized to fit both the educators and participants who come from other cities, such as Kiseljak and Zenica.

ABF visitors

ABF Busovača had visitors from Sweden on the 16th and 17th of September, 2016., led by Mr.Hakan Chalto, the ABF Fyrbodal representative. ABF also had visitors from Birkegaarden school on the 23rd of October, 2016., whose members held a working meeting with course leaders, and arranged all the new activities , planned visits and gave new information about the Network meeting that will be held  in Bijeljina.