Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

ABF activity report for November and December, 2016

Just like in the previous months, Educational center, ABF Busovača has had plenty of activities during these two months.

One of these activities, that is very popular and arises more and more interests among the children and their parents, is certainly the Mini school of English language. In addition to this, during the past period of time, there were 2 groups of 22 children participating in this program. The children participated throughout 15 hours/classes of English circle.


Other ABF activities

In both, November and December, there had been 8 different circles held.

  • One English language circle with older participants, 9 in total, all of them finished the circle, level 2
  • German language circle is still the most visited circle, with 3 groups of 37 participants in total
  • Two circles of sewing and tailoring circle, with 12 women in total


Analyzing the work of our center during the previous period (two months), we can say that there had been a number of circles held, with 80 participants in total for all of them. These participants were of different age and occupation.

All of the previously mentioned groups are continuing the education.

The first part of education for unemployed persons was ended on December 23rd 2016, and the same day the participants had the chance to get together for a celebration of the upcoming holidays.

New Years at ABF

It is the end of the year, and as every other similar organization does, we also did plenty of interesting events for the New Year holidays. On December 29th 2016, there was a party organized for all the circle leaders at the ABF Busovača offices.

This year, we had the honor to have our business partners from Sweden for our 30th December celebration. Also, the board members were present at the celebration.

At the end of every year, we do our evaluation as well as the analysis of the previous work done, so did we this year, too. It was finalized on December 23rd 2016, and the managing department of ABF prepared all the documentation necessary for this to be done.

ABF team members gave presents to both Busovača High school and Busovača mixed High school as a confirmation of long lasting cooperation between them, as well as the contribution to the tolerance and understanding development.

ABF wishes a Happy New Year to all of its partners, citizens and founders.