Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

ABF Busovača activities in March, April and May, 2016

The extremely popular mini-school of English language have been attended by two groups of participants age 3-6. Up until this moment, the participants have had 30 working hours of learning english through educational games and fun. These groups are happily continuing their work with ABF in the future, with an opportunity to manage and develop new skills in spoken english by playing and having fun.

As for the basic circles of ABF, English and German language, these are the results from the previous period of time:

– English I and II-17 participants from 1st to 4th grade

– German I, II and III-62 participants

abf informatika testiranje

From March to May, 90 more participants applied for the German language circle, so that it can be confirmed that ABF center has the highest number of German language circle participants for now.

Project activities for those registered at the Office for unemployed persons are coming to an end for this generation. Currently, testing are being done as well as preparing the participants for the practical part of health care circles.

26 participants are having their practical part of the circle at two nursing homes, in Vitez and Nova Bila.

The practice had started on the 23rd of May, and it is planned to end on the 13th of July 2016.

It had also been planned for each participant to have 120 practical hours done.

The majority of participants have shown how skilled they were in these particular areas they have been practicing for the past ten months.

ABF members hope that this project will help the participants in achieving their life goals and improving their life quality. At the same time, ABF team hopes that more unemployed persons will recognize these activities as helpful, and apply for the future ones, in order to improve their skills, enrich their knowledge and contribute the project with their own ideas.

ABF team plans informatics education for the Natural Food employees in the future period of time.


Birkegarden School and Network Meeting

In April, we had visitors from Birkegarden School from Stockholm. After talking about the project and reviewing the documentation, our Swedish partners said it was their wish to make ABF Busovača the official center of the school for adults and to direct its activities towards its independency.

ABF members attended the Network Meeting held in Mostar. The meeting was attended by every organization in BiH that is sponsored by Olof Palme center. First, they all presented their reports, and afterward they all attended the seminar on how to become independent and financially supported.

It was emphasized that each and every organization should continue contributing its community, and also continue asking for support on local, cantonal, federal and state levels; they should also examine the possibilities of financing from EU funds, together with well prepared staff, who can present their ideas and write their projects according to the EU standards.

This three-day meeting also resulted in exchanging multiple ideas among organizations of network. At this meeting, ABF Busovača was presented by Violeta Relota and Josip Lukin.

The following period of time, ABF team will be preparing data for the annual meeting and the celebration of 12 year anniversary of ABF.