'Ko se posvećuje učenju, iz dana u dan postaje sve veći.' - Lao Tse

year 2003

Initiative for founding ABF in Busovača

Group for international cooperation and ABF Uddevalla Sweden
year 2004

Opening of the Centre for Education

  • 3rd of July, an establishment assembly took place, where the coordinator, the chairman and members of the board were elected
  • the 3rd of July, opening of a swedish-model-based educational center
  • 1st of September, first informatics and foreign languages circles were held
year 2005

The ABF goal achieved

There was a great interest about education, study circles and the idea of expanding the center to one more extra office was born.

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year 2006

ABF Busovača established its own department in Kaćuni

Along with informatics and foreign languages, there begins the sewing and tailoring circles

-16th of August, ABF Kaćuni department was opened, with the same curriculum as in ABF Busovača center.

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year 2007

ABF Busovača included into a year budget of municipality of Busovača

On an occasion of the municipality anniversary, ABF Busovača was rewarded with a silver plaque for a contribution to people integration as well as improvement of living standards of Busovača citizens.

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year 2008

Best results accomplished

Participation in European social forum in Nalanda, Sweden, with the presentation of the topic “How to build up an organization after war”

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year 2009

ABF became registered member of citizens of Busovača organization

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of mid-Bosnia canton as Citizens organization ABF Busovača (No 04-05-64/09;19.05.2009.)

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year 2010

New projects and educational circles

  • on 29th of May, an exhibition of clothing made throughout the circles in ABF Busovača, was held
  • 19th of May- a reportage about the work of ABF was made and broadcasted on a national television station (BHT1)
  • 5th of March -a thematic lecture about health was held for retired people (pensioners)
  • 5th of December-representatives of ABF attended the network meeting of ABF

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year 2011

Successful cooperation between ABF Busovača and many other associations

  • 16th of September-the “Cure” fondation held a discussion on “Empowering of a woman in politics”
  • 10th of October-an education in English language for the pensioners started
  • 10th of November-an education for circle leaders took place
  • 14th of November-Public discussion about health and how to manage depression and stress, took place
  • 31st of December-the financing from ABF Fyrbodal  was completed (stopped)

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year 2012

Independent functioning of Abf center Busovača

The first year of financially independent work started, not breaking the continuity of the same

  • 28th of February-Public discussion on ekology took place
  • 15th of April-A health lecture on “Problems of the bone system” was held
  • 6th of June-A visit from Birkagarden-Stockholm friends
  • 20thof August-Thematic health lecture on “Increased cholesterol and triglycerides” was held

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year 2013

The BUSO-BIRKA project

  • The cooperation with Birkagarden-Stockholm was continued, and realized through visits of pensioners to Busovača and Stockholm, which took place on the 15th of April and the 20th of May
  • 11th of June-A decision about new project for ABF with Birkagarden partners was made-concerning an education for unemployed persons
  • 1st of September-Started the work of the first generation of school for unemloyed, within the Buso-Birka project
  • 1st to 3rd of September-A network meeting with the partners of ABF was held in Tuzla

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year 2014

The 10th anniversary of ABF Busovača

  • 16th of August-the 10th anniversary celebration took place, with the presence of many friends and partners from Sweden (ABF Fyrbodal, Olaf Palme Center, Birkagarden)
  • 22nd of September-Education for unemployed people, second generation, forty young people
  • Started a Swedish-model education in Catholic school center “Sv Pavao” in Zenica

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