Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

Activities of ABF center in January 2015

Educational center, ABF Busovača, continued its practice of educatingekonomija people in different areas in the first month of 2015. Currently, more than 100 participants are involved in the program of Informatics, English language, German language, health care, basics of economy, agricultural production circles, EU and human rights, as well as hand crafts and sewing and tailoring circles. Activities involved in Buso Birka project are continually done, as scheduled, throughout 15 smaller groups. Currently 34 unemployed persons are having an education for unemployed people in ABF Busovača. In January 2015, 14 persons are hired and working for ABF Busovača, of which 10 permanently engaged and 4 as external partners. It is important to emphasize that in 2015 the education in informatics is being done with help of new equipment and Windows 8.1 operative system.

Activities in ABF Busovača are done according to previously organized schedule, every weekday and Saturday. informatika