Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

Activities of ABF center for May and June 2015

During the past two months ABF centre has organized multiple educational activities; there were seven study circles of German language and Informatics organized, with the number of 60 participants.

Something new took place at ABF centre and this is an organized education for children age 3-6; the education is about English language and it started on the 1st of June 2015. There are currently 29 children, ordered into three groups, who attend the Mini-school of English language. The first circle module of 10 classes was ended on the 10th of July 2015. The children got the opportunity to learn words suitable for their age.


On the 27th and 28th of May, at Tisa hotel, the network meeting was held, attended by all the non-governmental organizations financed by the Olof Palme Centre from Sweden. Also, many non-governmental Swedish organizations attended the same meeting, like Birkagarden School from Stockholm, Tenants organization from Stockholm as well as Bosnian KULT from Sarajevo, Agora from Tuzla, Viva-women from Tuzla, Citizens Initiative Centre from Livno, OKS from Banja Luka and ABF Busovača. The aim of this network meeting was the continuation in cooperation of all non-governmental organizations in their future projects. All the participants of the meeting visited ABF centre after the event, and were presented with details about the centre and its work.


On the 11th of June 2015 ABF centre Busovača was visited by teachers from Birkagarden School from Stockholm. After being thoroughly presented with the details of the work of ABF, and its cooperation with partners, the guests were invited to enjoy the nature and the good company at the near picnic yard.


Cooperating with Svjetlo organization from Vitez, ABF Busovača has organized a public debate on an early revelation of breast cancer. The guest speaker was Harun Drljević, MD, the chairman of the Doctors Chamber of the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The visitors learned more details about the mean disease and ways of its treatment, all through the conversation with M.D. Drljević.