Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

Activities of ABF center in February 2015

Educational centre ABF Busovača has successfully accomplished  and organized seven study circles in different  fields, of which five in the Busovača centre and two at the Catholic school centre in Zenica.


These circles are:

-three groups for German language, 1st , 2nd and 3rd Level, accomplished by 59 participants

-one group of ten for English language, 1st level

-seven participants for informatics (MS Word)


An education based on Swedish model in Catholic school centre continued, organized by ABF Busovača.


It is important to mention that candidates for courses sign in every weekday, and new groups are formed.



Besides our everyday activities, ABF center also organizes educational program for persons listed in the Office for the unemployed persons of  Municipality Busovača. These activities are done on a daily basis, according to a previously arranged schedule. Participants who attend the health care course learn how to measure a blood pressure, how to do a blood sugar test, and all of this is done under supervision of medical doctor  Mirza Baručija, who teaches the participants useful things in practice.  These exercises are just the preparation for practical course for the participants of health care course, who will later in June attend classes at hospital in Nova Bila and the Facility for old people in Vitez.

All persons engaged into a Buso-Birka project went through testing and wrote reports on the previous work.


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