Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje

Activities report, January and February, 2016

Regular activities

English language Mini-school


The beginning of 2016 in ABF was all about children; many activities for preschool as well as elementary school children had been organized. English circle for children from 1st to 5th grade started in February.  These children learn the basics of English language and make their first friendships by playing games, having conversations, listening and practicing. During the same month, a mini-school of English language level 3 was ended, with the children age 3-6 years. Boys and girls, split into three groups, started learning their first words in English 6 months ago. During the six month period, they have overcome the basics of the language by playing different games, watching funny videos and cartoons. ABF organized a small party with diplomas for the youngest participants, children of mini-school.


German language circle

There had been a greater interest shown for the German language learning.  11 participants finished the first level of German language circle on the 1st of February. There were 4 groups formed to attend German language circle, and at this moment, there are 54 participants attending the circle.


Unemployed persons school activities

All the activities for this group continued working by their regular schedule after the New Year’s holidays. Classes in economy, English, German, democracy, health, agriculture and hand crafts were held according to the schedule.

An ABF team meeting was also held. At this meeting, previous activities, following steps and solutions to the visible problems were analyzed.