Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje


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ABF stands for Swedish Arbetarnas bildningsforbund and it means labourers educational association. It was established in 1912 and it is the oldest and the biggest organization of this type in Sweden. ABF is made of many organizations-members, and some of the most significant are political party of social democrats, Swedish tenants’ syndicate, tenants association and many other members.

With its educational model, ABF constructed a base for modern study courses, and also had a crucial role in organizing the labourers movement during the strike in 1909 and during the economic crisis that followed.

The initiative for establishing ABF department in Busovača appeared as an idea in 2003 and not long after that, precisely on 4th of July 2004 the centre was opened. The basic mission of ABF Busovača is reuniting people of all nationalities and religious views post-war. In Busovača, in wider central Bosnia area as well as in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was national and religious antipathy as well as intolerance going on. The hatred was supported by the lack of political will to solve the problems, corruption on all the levels of authorities and unemployment and poverty. With this situation going on, ABF tried to unite the different nations, lower the tensions, and make it possible for all the people to get a certain deal of knowledge helpful for their better future goals achievement. At the beginning, people looked upon ABF warily, but as time passed by, they started to see the real value of this organization.  This was confirmed by statistical data on the participants of different national and religious views, who recognized that ABF is not a representative of any political party, but an organization that believes problems can be solved with a dialog and studying.


The basic mission of ABF is accomplished and there are many results that confirm the success of people who went through different trainings in ABF.  The reason more for the success is that ABF has its people who are not burdened by political issues, but are very professional at what they do and what they teach. All of them are teachers, psychologists who want to help our people in the struggle for better future.


Our vision is our subsistence, this organization’s survival in this area and the continuation of work as well as its future enhancement. The situation in Busovača and generally in Bosnia and Herzegovina is only becoming worse economically, so ABF needs to participate in helping people who seek for their rights, teaching them how to fight for them. Special emphasis goes to labourers and their rights; ABF hopes to be able to influence the minds of syndicates in Busovača and wider. Also, not less important, the emphasis goes to other spheres such as ecology, health, computer technology and many others.

During the ten-year existence, ABF accomplished much, but on the other hand there is still much more to do for the people who need help.  In the future ten years, our hope is to bring up the results way bigger than the current.  For the end, we give you a quote by Nelson Mandela:

No person was born to hate other person for their skin colour, their past or religion.  People learned to hate, and if they learned to hate, than they can learn to love, for love is more natural and close-to-heart feeling than hate is.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]