'Ko se posvećuje učenju, iz dana u dan postaje sve veći.' - Lao Tse


Windows OS

This circle is for those who want to learn how to use a computer independently. Throughout 16 hours, the participants can learn basics in using a computer, managing files and folders on their own, making their desktop easier to use for work and organizing their work files on their computer.

Areas processed in this circle:

– Introduction-basic parts of a computer; OS Windows 8,1

– Desktop, start bar, task bar, windows elements

– Folders and files (creating, renaming, deleting)

– Cut, Copy, Paste options

– Control panel

– Paint

– Sending documents to a different memory- storage (CD, USB)

– Exercise


Circle duration-16 hours

Price-25,00 BAM

Windows 8.1

operativni sistem